Recuptex Therapy Rug

The Bucas Recuptex Therapy range helps to prevent numerous problems and also helps in the treatment of a vast array of ailments.

The Recuptex material is made from an extremely fine, stainless steel mesh so it reflects the magnetic fields created inside the body. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horse’s body and back, which heals and reduces both swelling and inflammation and promotes faster healing. It can be left on your horse for 24 hours, 7 days a week if necessary as it is NOT a magnetic rug, but it is advised to slowly increase and monitor the use of the Recuptex Therapy rug when first used.

These therapeutic rugs are the ideal choice for helping horses including those with back problems or who are a little slow to warm up when riding. It also has been known to accelerate the recovery process of some aliments, and all of this in a natural environment. The Recuptex properties cannot be washed out.

Bucas Recuptex Therapy Light rug is ideal for use during the warmer months of spring/ summer/autumn. It comes with the same properties as the regular Recuptex but with a lightweight mesh lower to help circulate the air around the horse’s body during hot/humid days.

Bucas Recuptex Neck is also available to complete the full body effect of the Recuptex. The Recuptex material covers the mane and crest area of the horse, helping to increase the circulation to these areas. Silk-feel lining against the mane helps prevents rubs.

The therapy rug has attachment points at the neck and rear D-rings meaning the Recuptex can be used and secured under another Bucas rug so your horse can rest and recoup relaxing in their stable or while turned out in their turnout rug.

Find out the science behind the Bucas Recuptex Therapy rug here


Product Codes:

  • 416 Recuptex Therapy
  • 415 Recuptex Therapy Light
  • 581 Recuptex Neck




Recuptex Therapy: Upper: Recuptex fabric & Lower: Stay-dry lining

Recuptex Therapy Light: Upper: Recuptex fabric & Lower: Mesh

    Navy with navy/silver trim Navy with navy/orange trim

    Recuptex Therapy: 85 / 3’6 – 170 / 7’2 / 42" - 86"
    Recuptex Therapy Light: 115 / 5'0 – 165 / 7’0 / 60" - 84"
    Recuptex Neck: XS, S, M, L, XL

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Classic Cut
  • Stay Dry Wicking
  • Time-saving

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