How Does The Recuptex Therapy Work?

So it’s a question we get asked a lot and for good reason too, How does the Recuptex Therapy work?

Here is some of the science and studies behind the Recuptex Therapy which might help explain!

What are Bekinox® metal fibres?

  • Thin filaments from different alloys
  • Diameter varies from 1.5 to 80 µm
  • Comparison: Human hair +/- 70-100 µm

The Recuptex material that Bucas uses is woven with a Bekinox® metal fibre.

What is EMI?
The last 20 years have seen a massive increase of wireless products: mobile phones, wireless Internet, doorbells, headphones, etc. These wireless appliances radiate certain levels of electromagnetic interference or EMI. High levels of EMI or E-smog is linked to a number of negative symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue, leukemia and even miscarriages. High Voltage Power lines also creates Electro Magnetic Waves.

Based on the Bekaert Bekinox® technology: the finest inox fibre in the world, the fabric, containing these fibres, will shield off more than 99,99% of the E-smog. Tested at the EMC research centre of the renowned Belgian Prof. Dr. ir. Johan Catrysse, PhD Associated Professor MICAS/ESAT KULeuven KHBO – FMEC Laboratory for Global Reliability. The Recuptex fabrics shields the EMI 99,99% from the outside, but equally shields all magnetic fields that are created in the body. EMI Shields can have a range of healing effects on the body. This has been proven in different studies around the globe.

Recuptex will :

  • Prolong your sports performance
  • Create greater inflammatory response
  • Produce biologic effects
  • More quickly heal bone fractures and cell metabolism
  • Modulate calcium dynamics

Studies : what effect has an EMI shield on the body ?

  • There has been several studies, based on wrapping bandages, containing inox in one direction (Farabloc), in different directions around the limb to create the “faraday cage”
  • We refer to one study in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, vol 10,n°1, 2000 by Jian Zhang MSC, Douglas Clement, MD and Jack Taunton, MD.
  • In this study, 20 people, from same “physical group” have done the same eccentric exercises (eccentric = is a contraction of a muscle, causing the muscle to elongate) 10 persons had Farabloc wraps, 10 persons had placebo wraps.
  • The Farabloc group had less muscle pain, and more muscle power, compared to the placebo group.

A variety of studies have proposed that the alteration of electromagnetic field has an effect on biologic systems: to state just a few….

  • Grundler et al. (10) and Eichwald and Walleczek (11) suggested that enzyme systems that are sensitive to electromagnetic fields may be activated, which in turn modulates calcium dynamics.
  • Sandyk (12) performed a study in which patients with Parkinsonism symptoms experienced an increase in central dopamine levels secondary to extra cerebral exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Detlavs et al. (13) demonstrated a greater inflammatory response in rats with full-thickness dermal wounds after exposure to modulated non thermal electromagnetic fields.
  • Valberg eta (1. 14) postulated a variety of mechanisms in which electromagnetic fields may produce biologic effects. It is suggested that energy transfer by acceleration of ions and charged proteins modifies cell membranes and receptor proteins.
  • Electric fields induced inside the body exert force on electric charges and electric moments. The magnetic moments of ferromagnetic particles and free radical molecules interact with magnetic fields. ( 15)
  • Research has been conducted using electromagnetic stimulation in the ELF range of healing bone fractures and cell metabolism. (16-18)

Added value for use of the Recuptex:

  • Shielding is also effective after multiple wash cycles. (household washing machine)
  • Special weave design guarantees the shielding properties (patent pending BE2009/0061) Although there is inox in warp and weft, but woven in such a way that these are NOT visible on one side of the fabric. Due to this special weave design, it guarantees nearly perfect shielding properties!
  • Extra strong product, flexible and durable so ideal to use in horse products.

And to round things up the Recuptex material, which is made of extremely fine steel weave, when put on to a a horse or dog will reflect the natural magnetic field that the body omits. The benefits of this being done is that the blood circulation increases to the area, meaning the oxygen supplied to the muscles will be greater so the muscles will be warmer and when muscles are warm they are easier to move. So your horse will have warm, limber muscles making their life and your life easier!


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