Irish Turnout

The Irish Turnout rugs are a performance rug that gives value for money and super flexibility to suit your horse’s needs.

It is fully waterproof and breathable with a 1200 denier rip-stop outer. Breathable Silk-feel lining and shoulder darts gives your horse extra room and the rug also comes with a T-bar with Snap-lock magnetic front with additional top strap.

The Irish Turnout comes in three weights, Extra, 150 and Light with a Combi Neck available separately. The Extra is 300g insulation, the 150 is 150g insulation and the Light is 50g insulation.

Available Styles:

  • 654 Irish Turnout Extra
  • 659 Irish Turnout 150
  • 656 Irish Turnout Light
  • 653 Irish Turnout Extra High Neck
  • 655 Irish Turnout Light High Neck
  • 683 Irish Turnout Combi Neck
  • 685 Irish Turnout Combi Neck 300



  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Available with 50g, 150g & 300g fill insulation
  • Rip-stop outer
  • T-bar with magnetic Snap-lock closure
  • Silk-feel lining
  • Shoulder darts
  • Cross surcingles
  • Silk-feel lining on shoulders to help prevent rubs
  • Attachments for leg straps
  • Tail flap
  • Fillet string
  • Attachments for Combi Neck on Classic Cut
  • Can be used with the Quilts & Cooler



Irish Turnout Light: Silk-feel lining and 50g of insulation

Irish Turnout 150: Silk-feel lining and 150g of insulation

Irish Turnout Extra: Silk-feel lining and 300g of insulation

    Black with black/gold trim
    Navy with navy/gold trim
    Ruby with ruby/silver trim

    125 – 165 / 5’6” – 7’0” / 66” – 84” - For smaller sizes check Pony Rugs.
    Combi Neck: XXS - XL

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Extra
  • Rain
  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • Classic Cut
  • High Neck